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The Towers

The Towers are the third and final phase of Spielberk’s development. At completion in 2012, the 85-metre Towers complex will be the tallest building in Brno. The Towers are Brno’s new premium business address, ideal for regional HQ s and representative offices. The built-in flexibility lets you choose between single-floor, multi-floor or multiwing configurations. The secure and elegant reception provides controlled access to all offices, with high-speed elevators and safety staircases.

Jiří Kostečka

Jiří Kostečka


Phone: +420 724 928 828
Fax: +420 565 533 501
E-mail: jiri.kostecka@ctp.eu

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05 Aug 2014
MY FOOD opening

MY FOOD opening

Dear friends, on Tuesday, August 5, we will finally be ready to open the…


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